Computer-based services

Online services

As a new service provided by the library, the loan period for borrowed books can renewed online, and the books selected from the online catalogue can be reserved electronically.

Internet use


Charge for Internet use:
HUF 100/15 mins
HUF 150/30 mins
HUF 200/1 hour
Internet pass: HUF 1000/5 hours



Wi-Fi use is free of charge!


Computer use

Use of word processor, spreadsheet: HUF 200/1 hour

Video capture

Home-made VHS recordings captured and burnt on DVDs without editing, the charge with the price of the DVD disc included is:

HUF 600 for up to 30 minutes
HUF 1200 for up to 60 minutes
HUF 1800 for up to 90 minutes
HUF 2400 for up to 180 minutes
HUF 3000 for up to 240 minutes

Note that only home-made (not copyrighted) content can be copied.